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Equities Research Reports

Detailed below is a sample of our recent research reports. To obtain a full copy of these or any other Foster Stockbroking research reports please contact the Equities Dealing team on +61 2 9993 8100.

Financial Product Advice Warning

The information as provided herein is general securities advice only and in preparing all of these reports the company has not taken into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific recipient. The reports provided on this website page is only current at the date of publication, any recommendation provided on a particular stock to buy, hold, or sell should be taken into account with this in mind. For further information regarding any publication on a particular company listed, you should first consult with one of our suitably trained advisors.

AHAlife Holdings (AHL)

Free float increases by 34.5M shares and partnership with the US’s luxury fitness group (22-Sep-2016)

 Download (137 KB)  

TopBetta Holdings Ltd (TBH)

TBH announces full year result as business achieves growth in every quarter (14-Sep-2016)

 Download (124 KB)  

Kabuni Ltd (KBU.ASX)

Designers are registering, but sales are not (09-Sep-2016)

 Download (135 KB)  

Kogan.com Ltd (KGN.ASX)

Australia’s leading pure-play online retail website (07-Sep-2016)

 Download (131 KB)  

nearmap Ltd (NEA.ASX)

Trump or Clinton? It really doesn’t matter, NEA will be there (30-Aug-2016)

 Download (149 KB)  

Red River Resources Ltd (RVR.ASX)

Review of database offering plethora of targets (17-Aug-2016)

 Download (141 KB)  

1stAvailable (1ST.ASX)

Nascent Healthcare Opportunity, There for the Taking (16-Aug-2016)

 Download (129 KB)  

TopBetta Holdings Ltd (TBH.ASX)

Northern Territory licence granted (15-Aug-2016)

 Download (120 KB)  

Medibio Ltd (MEB, $0.34, mkt cap $35M)

Positive validation study, a big step forward. SPECULATIVE BUY (09-Aug-2016)

 Download (1488 KB)  

Freelancer Ltd (FLN.ASX)

Growth still strong as foundations for scale continue building (05-Aug-2016)

 Download (1933 KB)  

LiveHire Ltd (LVH.ASX)

Announces first offshore client and first via RPO channel (04-Aug-2016)

 Download (2049 KB)  

TopBetta Holdings Ltd (TBH)

4Q16 revenue growth beats previous guidance. (04-Aug-2016)

 Download (2149 KB)  

Avenira Ltd (AEV.ASX)

On budget and on time. Production expected this quarter. (29-Jul-2016)

 Download (144 KB)  

Updater Inc. (UPD.ASX) | Shifting Up a Gear.

First pilot signed and targeting 3 pilots by the end of 2016. Market share exceeding expectations, target reset to 15% by end of 2017. (29-Jul-2016)

 Download (126 KB)  

AHAlife Holdings (AHL.ASX)

Solid quarter plus a new acquisition… (28-Jul-2016)

 Download (127 KB)  

Highfield Resources Ltd (HFR.ASX)

Busy quarter with new MD, SOP study and offtake. BUY – PT $2.30/sh. (28-Jul-2016)

 Download (1572 KB)  

9 Spokes International Ltd (9SP.ASX)

The Global App Store for SMEs, Targeting the Holy Grail of ‘Big Data” Analytics (25-Jul-2016)

 Download (1900 KB)  

LiveHire Ltd (LVH.ASX)

Making recruiting immediate with live Talent Communities (14-Jul-2016)

 Download (123 KB)  

TopBetta Holdings Ltd (TBH)

Another strong Quarter, earnings forecasts under review. (05-Jul-2016)

 Download (1731 KB)  

Red River Resources Ltd (RVR.ASX)

Got to admit it’s getting better… (14-Jun-2016)

 Download (150 KB)  

BrainChip Holdings Ltd (BRN)

CEO outlines focus on achieving licensing milestone (07-Jun-2016)

 Download (130 KB)  

Updater Inc. (UPD.ASX) | Initiation.

On track to be the dominant player in home relocation industry (24-May-2016)

 Download (138 KB)  

nearmap Ltd (NEA.ASX)

3rd qtr shows an acceleration in revenues while costs held flat (20-May-2016)

 Download (140 KB)  

BrainChip Holdings Ltd (BRN.ASX)

Huge potential for neural computing in the age of artificial intelligence (19-May-2016)

 Download (115 KB)  

Avenira Ltd (AEV.ASX)

Tracking towards 2nd half production. (09-May-2016)

 Download (132 KB)  

Pilbara Minerals Ltd (PLS.ASX)

Equity raise signals PLS well on path to becoming a producer (06-May-2016)

 Download (2057 KB)  

Freelancer Ltd (FLN.ASX)

Keep on growing… (19-Apr-2016)

 Download (145 KB)  

AHAlife Holdings (AHL.ASX)

Continues on steep growth trajectory (18-Apr-2016)

 Download (111 KB)  

Activistic Ltd. (ACU.ASX, A$0.043, Mkt cap A$12.2M)

Gaining traction with charities, but commercial progress disappoints Downgrade to HOLD (was SPECULATIVE BUY, PT under review). (14-Apr-2016)

 Download (106 KB)  

Emerging Technology Sector Report

Valuation retreat creates opportunity (04-Apr-2016)

 Download (111 KB)  

Kabuni Ltd (KBU.ASX)

Seeking a niche in multi-billion dollar interior design market (01-Apr-2016)

 Download (136 KB)  

Activistic Ltd (ACU.ASX)

Veterans Call is gaining traction among charities, but downloads by donors lag forecasts (23-Mar-2016)

 Download (129 KB)  

TopBetta Holding Limited (TBH.ASX)

Tapping into exponential growth of fantasy and e-Sports wagering (17-Mar-2016)

 Download (109 KB)  

Pilbara Minerals Ltd (PLS.ASX)

PFS highlights world class asset with upside to come (11-Mar-2016)

 Download (1961 KB)  

nearmap Ltd (NEA.ASX)

Still in investment mode but FY17 to be turning point (09-Mar-2016)

 Download (128 KB)  

Freelancer Ltd (FLN.ASX)

High organic growth, topped with Escrow & A$ tailwind (04-Feb-2016)

 Download (1931 KB)  

AHAlife Holdings (AHL)

Gifting App quickly becoming a strategic asset, increasing our price target to A$ 1.18 (02-Feb-2016)

 Download (112 KB)  

Pilbara Minerals Ltd (PLS.ASX)

Best of emerging hard rock players due to world class asset (02-Feb-2016)

 Download (2161 KB)  

LiveHire Ltd (LVH.ASX)


 Download (123 KB)  

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